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The Creator of Ai Chi

Jun Konno, ATRIC, creator of Ai Chi, was one of Japan’s foremost swimming and fitness consultants and the President of Aqua Dynamics Institute (Japanese chapter of AEA).

In 1986, Jun Konno began to promote aquatics in Japan and became the Chairman of the Executive Committee for Japan’s National Aquatic Conference.

Jun Konno later met Harold Dull (creator of Watsu) and witnessed Watsu for himself. Jun Konno was intrigued by the concept of coordinating breath with movement. He then created Ai Chi that incorporated Watsu principles and elements from Tai Chi and Gigong. 

The name for this beautiful body movement was inspired by his daughter who's name was "Ai" (which means love in Japanese) and "Chi" (which refers to the circulating life energy that is present in all things). 

In the mid-1990s, Jun Konno reached out to Ruth Sova, MS, president of ATRI and founder of the AEA, to help him spread the word of Ai Chi globally. Together they published Ai Chi: Balance, Harmony & Healing in 1999 and developed a certification program that continues to this day.

Jun Konno passed away in June of 2021 

but his legacy will continue to live on.

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