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"Affordable and relaxing. I already scheduled my next appointment! Check it out today!"
Michelle Hale
Nurse Practitioner
"I deal with an anxiety disorder and for the first time in a long time I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety level during and after my session. I can't wait till my next Watsu session."
Bob Brown
"Awesome. I will be back! I think a combination of land massage and Watsu will be awesome."
Ben Foy
Musician and Daytime Radio Host

Bonni's Watsu Story

"WOW! I went thinking I was just going to get a water massage for this nagging neck of mine. It was so much more than that!! Desiree made me feel comfortable the minute I hit the water. It was warm and wonderful. I felt so very safe that immediately energy work started to happen! I had a beautiful re-connection with my Mother who I miss dearly. I had a letting go experience of some recent troubles in my life and my neck just released with it. There was a lot of healing going on. I slept like a baby that night and felt great the next few days! It was such a beautiful experience I bought my good friends a

Gift Certificate and I can't wait to do it again myself!!

Desiree is lovely. I highly recommend you give this a try!!"

Bonni Wollard/Office Manager of Appalachian Acupuncture~

Dancing with Jennifer

My first experience with Watsu was roughly over a month ago. Since then I have been back and increased my time in the water and I’m scheduled again. I have trust and security issues. With that taken in mind, after my first 5-10 Minutes in the water I surrendered and I felt so secure and I trusted someone. I knew Desiree would not drop/ or drown me. I felt so free but yet so secure with her. It was almost like slow dancing in the water, with no concerns or worries to the outside world. Our everyday lives tend to overcome us with worry and stress, but for a short while as frequent as we can we can just let go and float as free and beautiful as can be. I would just like to thank Desiree for convincing me to at least try it. I’m now a forever Watsu person.
Jennif​er White ~

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