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My Health Transformation

15 years ago I walked away from a life of addiction. I was a functional drug addict and alcoholic. I was deeply addicted to toxic people and narcissistic men. I had created a life that had very little meaning and no purpose. I had what I refer to as my “Awakening Moment” and vowed to change course. I sat out on a path to get clean and sober and pursue a life of value.

Over the past several years my life has changed and I have welcomed many surprises along the way, including my husband and my identical twin boys. I never dreamed I would get married and have children but it became suddenly clear it was all meant to be. What I was not prepared for was the challenges I would face as a new wife and a new mother to twins with special needs. Both of my children are on the Autism spectrum and have ADHD and being married to a talented musician can prove challenging when it comes to creating a stable schedule at home.

Another change was my career path. 15 years ago I switched from working corporate banking jobs to becoming a full time Licensed Massage Therapist. I later expanded my skill set by adding in aquatic therapy. However, when my children needed more resources for their disabilities I made the decision to relocate my family and go back to working for corporate America. Though it was a wonderful learning experience, I returned to the work I was drawn to after being laid off. I decided to go back into Water work and opened my own massage practice. I even became an Ai Chi Instructor but there was still something missing. My health was poor. Years of previous abuse, chronic stress, poor diet and little exercise left me weary, frustrated, depressed and emotionally exhausted. And as my boys grew I became triggered by deep seated emotions I never dealt with which fed into another addiction I never addressed: My Emotional Connection to Food.

I finally made the decision to change my life again. I made a lot of changes a little at a time. I lost a significant amount of weight (at my heaviest I was well over 320lbs). As I figured out my path, making course corrections as needed along the way I finally got to a place where I decided to do the ugly, nitty gritty and address my old trauma. I dove deeper to uncover what led me to self-medicate and cope with food. To be honest, I am still working on it but… I have come a long way and I am determined to keep going. It’s a painful process but it was necessary for me and I grow every day in my vulnerability.

I am now at my ideal weight and spend my time setting new exercise goals to crush, enjoying the food I prepare and living my best life free from addiction and self-created conflict and chaos. I have a small circle of friends and family I cherish, a healthy marriage (mostly ;-), and healthy thriving children that I adore. My life has changed and I am grateful for those changes. I even started a YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram Page to share my experience with others:

YouTube: An Elemental Life and Wellness

Facebook: An Elemental Life & Wellness

Instagram: an_elemental_life_and_wellness

After changing my life so much I took a look back to reflect and ask myself “What’s next”? What is my next “Why”? “Where do I go from here”? The answer came to me earlier this year during the pandemic…become a Health Coach! After many months of extensive study, clinicals, tests and reading and more reading… I am FINALLY ready to offer Health Coaching as an additional service to my clients!! But I am NOT stopping there!!

In addition to Health Coaching I will also have other services (available soon)As a FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Practitioner) I will have the ability to run labs for my clients. Labs such as a comprehensive Hormone Panel including Cortisol Report, Food Sensitivity Test, Intestinal Permeability Test and Pathogen Screening are just some of the few you will have access to. These labs will be tools to help fill in missing pieces of the puzzle for those who feel they are following a “healthy diet with appropriate exercise” but just not seeing the results they desire or… for those who know that “normal range” doesn’t necessarily mean optimal health.

So if you’re ready to take your health journey to next level call, text or email me to setup a consultation. Consultations are free! We’ll spend some time to discuss your health needs, concerns and see what package is right for you. What do you have to lose besides maybe some extra pounds and old habits that no longer serve you? Maybe an even better question is…”What will you gain”?

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